Sleepy, sun-soaked days...

dog In these sleepy, sun-soaked days, life begins to slumber

and wither.

Bodies seek comfort in each other

Lives once bold and hungry for sex and song, promise and power

that too soon grew fat and lazy, begin to dream again.

Small, sleepy dreams sized to fit in their shriveled forms.


They sleep on porches, resting their heavy heads on each other's knees

like weary, obedient dogs.

Their limp hair intertwines like the gnarled fingers of ancient lovers

who have all but become one.


In these sleepy, sun-soaked dog days when life begins to slumber

The clock ticks

the air too heavy for sound to travel far

the young gather to sit amidst the old and bear witness.

Family watch

Dry lips croak unsaid sentiments

These are the quiet days

Of tender blessings

When time and touch

are dreams enough.


Let these dog-tired forms find comfort in each other.

Let parched lips brush the hallowed cheeks of spent lovers.

Let the sun's hot, sweet breath

make them plump again.

  Rekindled desire spooning with grace.