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My Story

My mother’s name is Janice Elizabeth, but everyone calls her Betsy, short for Elizabeth. Each time someone asks her name, she gives this long explanation. To avoid a similar predicament with her own kids, she gave each of us short names — Kim, John, Mark, and Paul. Each time someone asks my name, it comes up with a follow-up question: “Oh, you mean Kimberly?”

“No, just Kim,” I reply.

Just Kim, on the surface it seems self-effacing, but it comes with a kaleidoscope of meanings. Just Kim represents a writer, a teacher, an artist, a preacher, a kisser of pugs—yes, my pug, Mira, and I once won a kissing contest. The wisdom of the web may be to focus on who you are and what you are selling, but at the end of the day I’m Just Kim, a teller of stories.

And, I can help you tell your stories, too….