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I think as writers we all feel like solitary voices at times, but we can make our voices known, and I can help—whether you would like individualized instruction, to join a class, or have a second pair of eyes to review your manuscript or check your spelling, I offer a solution to help you get your story out and your voice heard.

I graduated from Middlebury College in 1990 with a degree in Religion and received a Master’s degree in Religion and Creative Writing from Vermont College at Norwich University in 1994. There, I wrote a thesis and novella on John the Baptist and fell in love with the idea of a solitary voice "crying out in the wilderness.”

I went on to become a freelance writer and a teacher at Lebanon College in Lebanon, N.H., where I taught journalism, creative writing, and developed a specialty in memoir writing. I now teach extensively in writer’s centers, art centers, private homes, and other institutions. Recently, I became a certified copyeditor through Writer's Digest. I have studied with memoirists Abigail Thomas, Jon Katz, and Marion Roach Smith. Teachers always instruct, “write what you know”—what better place to start than with your own story?

To learn more about me check out my curriculum vitae.

Writing Coaching

Whether meeting in person, talking over the phone or online, I am happy to listen and offer feedback, critique, writing prompts and individualized instruction to jumpstart a project or get one off the ground. Contact me to discuss what you need.

Kim bubbles over with contagious energy and enthusiasm. She was extremely helpful with both general ideas (point of view, how close to true does this have to be, etc.) and specific feedback on my chapters. She helped me take a vague concept of a story and develop it into a manuscript.
— Heidi Fishman, author of Tutti's Promise
Kim Gifford is a fantastic mentor. Notice I didn’t say “teacher.” Some might be hard-pressed to make the distinction, but like so many aspects of writing, the difference lies in showing rather than telling. Teachers give their students information and then test them on their ability to apply it. Mentors, like Kim, offer information as well, and then usher their students toward success. The latter certainly feels more cooperative than the former. Fortunately for her students, Kim excels at fostering this beautiful mentor-student symbiosis in her classroom.
— Kris Lewis, student

Customized Workshop

I am happy to design a custom memoir, fiction, short story or poetry class for your community. Past classes have focused on subjects such as truth in memoir, the importance of place, expressive writing, writing through the senses, and more. If you would like to hear more of past offerings or discuss a future opportunity please contact me and let me know your interests. Click here for a list of previous offerings.

I attended a writing group led by Kim while working on my first novel, The Broom of God.” She also reviewed my complete manuscript. She was always supportive and encouraging in the monthly group, and her suggestions and comments were on-target and very helpful. She’s both a perceptive editor and a valuable writing coach.
— John Bragg, author The Broom of God

Developmental Editing

Working as a writing teacher at a community college and area writer’s centers for the past 15 years, I have developed an aptitude for helping writers structure their stories from beginning to end. I am not only happy, but qualified, to read your manuscript and offer advice on story structure, theme, characterization, plot, dialogue and the like. Many of my students have gone on to publish their work through traditional publishers, self-publishers, and in literary journals. I specialize in memoir and creative nonfiction, but have worked with writers on novels, short stories, poetry and children’s books as well. Let me know about your project and how I can help you. Please contact me for a price quote.

I just received Kim’s excellent notes today in the mail with the manuscript. Wow! Kim has given me just the kind of feedback I was looking for. Her suggestions, specifically about not burying my lead, structure, and characterization were a great help to me, especially in designing the story for children. I had written so many drafts that I felt I was losing perspective on the big picture. Kim’s insights have already made this project better. I have much more to work with now that I didn’t have before because of her thoughtful and encouraging notes.
— RJ Martell, II, author Gilmore the Lion
Ms. Kim Gifford is a skilled writing instructor. She assisted me in clarifying my book’s title and content. During our phone conversations and email messages, she helped me to bring my story to life and connect with my audience. I am very grateful for Ms. Gifford’s timely responses to my questions, and detailed feedback on my manuscript.
— Ike Ekweueme, author Switch On and Stand Out


Sometimes you have a book that you would like to illustrate. Check out my work under the Visual Stories section of this blog. I'm happy to create digital, colored pencil or ink drawings to accompany your story. Contact me to discuss pricing.

Kim did an amazing job incorporating both life-like and imaginary illustrations in a children’s adventure story. She is incredibly creative.
— Karen Watson
 Photo by Alice McDonald 2016

Photo by Alice McDonald 2016

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