Pug Social Here We Come!


I went to Petsmart yesterday to return the Bert and Ernie costumes I had purchased for Alfie and Waffles to wear to the upcoming Pug Social. Waffle's Bert costume was too small and Alfie's Ernie costume too big, but I was fortunate enough to find replacements. You will have to tune in tomorrow to discover what characters I chose. While we were shopping I spied a couple with their black pug Mia, very busy trying to fit her in a costume of their own. Pugs are not easy to shop for. They are broad of chest, but often slim at the waist -- toy dogs but never tiny. These two were in the store for quite some time. I had a chance to chat with them and snap Mia's picture. I learned her name and that she was a Green Mountain Pug Rescuee. She and her family will be at the Social tomorrow as will me and my two girls. Come back to see all the photos and hear about the fun! We are planning to enter the costume contest, pug races and much more!