Bodies I pass by the silent field at sunset

after the concert has ended and cold blue light

has filled the empty spaces

where head-bangers danced.


I see the forms stacked atop each other

soldiers on a war-torn battlefield

These are the homeless, drunk and bloodied

On life's disappointments.


They stayed too long at the party

Stewed on their own regrets

Baked on unfulfilled dreams.


They swelled, then burst with

unrealized potential and unwarranted pride

They drank too much of promise.


Bald, disrobed, neglected of sun's embace

They bask in the shadows

These former long-haired redheads

Who once defined youth and spontaneity

Laid out on the barren field.


"Get up," I want to shout at them

"Rock on,"

The harvest moon looms full.



But when they stir

They simply cling to each other

Cuddled in the faded light.


Even wasted they lean in

Sharing their one hard-earned truth.


Neither dancing nor howling matter

In a life that's been husked

Only love remains.