My friend Joan loves to have themes for her litters. In the past we have had the "Umps" -- Lady Lorelei Lump, Baroness Bonnie Bump, Dr. Poohbah Gump, and Countess Connie Crump; Heffalump and Woozle, the Magicians-- Copperfield, Gandalf, Dumbledoor, Hocus Pocus, and Merlin, etc. etc.

This litter though, I picked up little Batman, fell in love with his wolfy head and batlike ears and dubbed him Batman. The biggest boy looked like his Mommy, Griffles, so I started calling him Gryffindoor. Joan's friend, Jane, dubbed the girl Margot and suddenly we had a litter without a theme. The other two boys got called a variety of things from Slugo -- for his constant movement, to Twinkletoes -- for his little white-tipped feet to No-Name, which is self-explanatory. The other day we decided the two remaining, unnamed boys needed names. Joan started to go through her dog book of names and came up with a few she liked, so while this litter has no theme, all the puppies have names and each will have a home.

So I'd like to introduce the puppies again by name.


Gryffindoor-We are pretty sure that Joan will be keeping this big boy to show.


Margot Katrinka-She is supposed to go to a pug-loving friend of ours in New Jersey.


Argo Kensington-One of these two boys will go to a gay couple that our friend in New Jersey knows, the other is supposed to go to a famiy in Massachusetts, who is a client of our veterinarian friend and fellow pug-owner.


Waltham's Little Trump