A Day in the Sun


My mother snapped this photo of the pugs and I in Woodstock today. We went to pick up some magazines featuring an article I had written and decided to take a stroll around town. We had a lot of fun and I plan to post more about it tomorrow. This was the pugs and I taking a break from walking. It was very hot and the two tired quickly. After the walk we stopped by the cremee stand where Alfie devoured both her own and Waffles' icecream and Waffi whined to go in the river.

I took her down near the water where she dove right in. We met a little girl whose mom runs a doggie daycare and she told us she has her own three-year-old pug named Edward who does a variety of tricks. It's funny to find pug people almost everywhere. Alfie and Waffles really enjoyed the little girl, who in turn was enjoying the river. It was fun to watch the three interact.