Waffles: The Movie


My brother and sister-in-law visited over Labor Day with my 7 month-old niece, Ellie. Waffles, who has an avid fascination with diapers, among other things, went crazy trying to find new ways to get into Ellie's diaper bag. While my brother nicely but firmly tried to scold her, repeatedly saying, "No, Waffles," I found myself just shrugging and saying, "Sorry, guys, there's nothing I can do." I said this while Waffles discovered and mutilated diaper after diaper.
When my brother began looking at me imploringly, I shrugged again, warning. "She cannot be controlled. She will not be contained."
"Sounds like a horror movie slogan," he said, while zipping the diaper bag shut and moving it to an even higher location. A few minutes later, Waffles flew by with yet another diaper.
"She cannot be controlled. She will not be contained," I repeated my mantra, nonchalantly producing the accompanying shrug.
What sounds like the latest horror movie slogan has become a fundamental truth in my life. It seems I am learning to accept it.
What is Waffles learning? Stay tuned. I'll give you an update soon!