Mother's Day

  The front of my Mother's Day card from Ellie

It dawned on me today how exclusionary holidays can be. For example, Valentine’s Day can be heartbreaking for those who do not have a Valentine and what if you don’t have anyone to usher in the New Year? Consider Mother’s Day for the childless woman? Sometimes, it’s not easy. That was not the case for me today. I almost forgot I wasn’t technically a mother as my niece Ellie gave me a Mother’s Day card, my nephew Christian texted me, wishing me a Happy Day (in addition to being his aunt, I am his godmother) and I scanned Facebook, noting the numerous Mother’s Day wishes to the mamas of “furbabies.” Christian even told me to say “hi” to the little ones, meaning Alfie and Waffles.  It seems that people are making an effort nowadays to make everyone feel included.

Today, Ellie became infatuated with a balloon floating in Wal-mart, announcing a Clearance Sale. She wanted to see it so I reached up and grabbed the string, pulling it down so it was at her eye level. She pulled her little hands to her chest, hugging herself and said, “Oh, Bee,” in the most endearing voice. At that moment, my heart swelled and I felt like the most important person in the world, mother or not!

Ellie's Painting