Scenes from the Montshire

View from the Tower The Montshire Museum has a tower. While an elevator takes you to the second floor of the museum, you have to climb several more flights to get to the top of the tower and see this wonderful view. It's not that high up, but when you've been on the go with a toddler all day, it seemed formidable.  When Christian was little, however, I climbed the tower with him so as tired as I was today I decided to go up with Ellie. It was worth the trip.

Looking Down on Mom

Here's another view, climbing up to the Tower. That's my Mom waving to us as we go up, up, up!

Mama and Ellie Make Bubbles


Gretchin Blows a Bubble


Gretchin claimed she wanted to bring Ellie to the Montshire because she loved it so much, but I think it was Gretchin who wanted to return. She spent more time than Ellie playing with the bubbles.

Ellie Plays with Spinning Disk


Ellie Eats Bubbles

Ellie loved the spinning disks and balls and eating the bubbles!

Pic Montshire 8

While the rest of the clan played at the various exhibits, I took some time out to photograph this great fish in the aquarium. I am absolutely positive that he was posing for me. He swam in place the whole time I was snapping photos, swimming away only when the shutter stopped clicking.