Ellie, Go, Go, Go

Ellie in the Elevator The Montshire Museum of Science, a great hands-on museum for kids, is located a little over 30 miles from my home. We took my niece Ellie and her parents there last week and they said they’d love to return today for Mother’s Day. So, we took my mom out to lunch at a nearby Italian restaurant and then hit the Montshire. My 16-month old niece, who loves balls and balloons almost more than anything else on the planet, found herself in seventh heaven with all the gravity and spinning exhibits featuring balls, but I have to say her favorite activity seems to be riding the elevator up and down between the first and second floors. There is a small round window complete with a little footstool she can sit or stand on and look out. She especially loves it if one of us remains down below and she gets to look out the window and spy “Mommy, Daddy, Bee (me) or Nini (Nana). Today, she also seemed to enjoy lifting the arm of her stroller and climbing in and out. I joked that we could have saved money on our membership if we had just let her do this at home. She did not enjoy the little boy who kept hogging the inflatable beach ball in one of the exhibits. She didn’t understand why he kept hugging the ball instead of bouncing it and would periodically trot over him and pound the ball out of his hands, declaring “Bounce.”

One of Ellie’s favorite expressions is “go, go, go.” We certainly did that. It was a pretty tiring day and I had to laugh when my sister-in-law sent me a video of Ellie on her way home. She entitled the text “Ellie Relaxing After a Visit With Bee and Nini.” I sent her the photo below entitled “Auntie Bee After A Visit with Ellie.”

Video of Ellie After Visiting Bee and Nini


Bee Sleeping

One of the blog readers, Suzanne, answered my post from the other night inquiring as to what everyone was doing this weekend by saying she eventually hoped to curl up with her dog. That is exactly what I am doing now. Tomorrow is a day full of doctor’s appointments. We are going to see my mother’s surgeon to find out details about her upcoming knee replacement surgery and I am seeing a doctor regarding my recent bout of illness. I’m hoping to get a clean bill of health to go visit a friend in D.C. and attend Blogpaws 2013, a conference for pet bloggers. Right now, however, all I can think about is sleep!

Happy Mother’s Day to Everyone. I hope it was as full and happy as mine!