More of my trees


I had to run into Jo Ann Fabrics last night to buy some supplies for a photo project that I was working on for my new web site, which meant I found myself in the K-Mart Plaza once again and near the strip of trees that I love so much. This time I had my camera with me and I lost myself for about an hour taking photos in the parking lot in the dark.
Unfortunately, I did not have a tripod or anything to lean against, but I shot away with a freedom of someone who had nothing to lose. I loved the strange nighttime colors cast in ochre and sepia tones. I knew that even if the shots were blurry and unfocused that I could use them as backgrounds for my collages, so there was nothing I could do wrong.
At one point, I looked up in the sky and caught this neat shot of the yellow berries against the glowing moon and midnight blue sky. Motion blur actually makes the berries look doubly thick  and I love the interplay of yellow and blue.
I know several people passing by were looking at me funny, not sure what this crazy lady was doing with her camera pointed at these dark trees on a dark night in a dark parking lot, but I hardly noticed them. I was caught up on my own lovely island and I am thankful that the camera allowed me to capture a little bit of the magic and bring it home with me.