And, more on dog hair...


You know when you mention something and then suddenly you start encountering it everywehre? Well, that's what happened to me with dog hair today. My dogs are with me all the time and they travel with me everywhere, yet, suddenly yesterday I became obsessed with the dog hiar I found in my car. Not sure what triggered it, but once the cat was out of the bag I couldn't put it back in and today, I was finding pug hair everywhere.
I went to put on a pair of jeans I had worn the day before. My jeans are always too long so I usually have to roll them up to wear them. I went to adjust the cuff when out fell a pocketful of dog hair, pretty gross considering the jeans had only been worn once and washed prior to that.
Next, I went to wash the afghan that sits on the end of my bed. I put it in the wash, no problem. Then into the dryer. When I went back down to the cellar to take it out and fold it, I noticed a problem. Not only was there still pug hair in the weave of the afghan, but it was also completely covering the lint trap. I had enough to sell it off as wool.
So, if anyone's interested I know where I can find you an abundant supply of pug hair, perhaps enough for a winter's coat.