Our Life Raft


October has been a busy month filled with work, illness and fun. Every day and night has held some scheduled activity and I am tired. So, tonight when my mom and I were supposed to go to a concert in Barre, Vt. I was happy instead to relinquish the tickets to my brother and sister-in-law and stay home with my niece and nephews.

We watched saved episodes of The Voice and Dr. Seuss' The Lorax and I wrote some blog posts and sketched on my I-Pad, something that immediately attracted the attention of my niece and nephews.
My niece, Tori, watched as I drew a washing machine for my post about dog hair and decided that she wanted to draw a slide. She made me find an image of one on my computer that she could use an example. I loved how her white lines on the pink looked like a scratchboard sketch. Then, it was my nephew Avery's turn. Avery's cat "Sleepy Little Panda" wandered out of the house two days ago when a door was left ajar and has been lost ever since. I found him sketching a black-and-white cat on the I-pad and when I asked him what the picture was called he said, "The Panda." He is quite the artist!

Kids are great and the dogs loved them, too. When their folks arrived home they found us all in a huddle around the t.v., lights dim, a makeshift bed on the floor for Tori, Avery and me on the sofa with Waffles draped over my  thighs and Alfie over Avery's. Raine had his own chair.

Sometimes when I am napping in my bed, pugs pressed against me I feel like we are adrift on our own little raft. It sort of felt that way tonight -- the kids, dogs and I all piled in cozy blankets and pillows in the warmth of our own company. We were safe in this little boat in this journey of life because we were together.