All Heart

alfie You often hear it debated whether dogs have souls, it cannot be debated whether they have heart. If I had any doubt of this, my pug Alfie proved it to me on Friday when we awoke to mountains of snow in the backyard. Alfie does not like to be cold, she does not like to get her feet wet. While my other pug, Waffles, begs to go out to sit on the stoop in the sun, Alfie prefers to be inside with me. But when she saw me plowing through the snow following my niece and nephew who were shoveling a path through the backyard, she gamely came off the steps. The snow was mostly over her head and in her eyes, she had no idea what we were doing or where we were going me, but she followed me through the snow as it froze to her nose and eyelids. She is not a husky or border collie, a Lab or a retriever, she is a pug–a couch potato and it takes a lot of heart when you are as short and round as a real potato to charge through an ocean of white stuff, way over your head. She did it to follow me. I think she would follow me anywhere.