SONY DSC Daisy is a working dog. She spends her days sprawled out at NH MRI, where her owner, Kelly, also works. She wears a bib to keep  prolific drool off her chest. Her job is to put people at ease—one might think this is no easy feat for such a giant of a dog. But, Daisy is a gentle giant and somehow seeing her plod her way to the MRI, gives nervous patients the confidence that they can do so as well. My grandmother testified to this. I even wrote about Daisy and her other doggie companion, a lab named Rosi in a recent Upper Valley Life article on dogs in the workplace. After my grandmother's visit, I called and interviewed the dog's owners on the phone. That's why I was so excited to meet Daisy and Rosi in person when I found out my mother had to get an MRI. Fortunately, my mother also brought my father along for support because as soon as I met Daisy it was love at first sight. I'm afraid I proved a bad influence on Daisy as well. Instead of accompanying my nervous mother to the MRI, Daisy remained with me sprawled out on the floor in front of the fireplace.  Soon, Daisy's owner Kelly was on the floor with us. Fortunately, it was a slow work day because while Kelly eventually went back to her paperwork, Daisy and I spent over an hour on the floor, she pawing me for pats on the head and belly rubs, me staring into her eyes. I don't think Daisy was very helpful to my mother that day, but I came away from the appointment relaxed indeed.