Whistling Past the Graveyard

photomountie Last year my college friends and I were able to reunite twice – once in Maine and once here in Vermont. Well, most of us were able to make both reunions. My friend Mike bailed on the October reunion, here in Vermont, claiming that he was needed at the gift store where he works. It was Columbus Day weekend and also Canadian Thanksgiving, he pleaded. Needless, to say he suffered some ribbing for standing us up in favor of the Canadians. Why are they celebrating Thanksgiving, we teased? (No offense to any Canadians out there, please understand we were merely bitter at the absence of our friend.) Soon, this evolved into Canadian Mountie jokes and thus, when another of said college friends recently announced that she needed a surgery somehow the Mounties came back into play. (Don’t ask it makes sense to us.)

I promised my friend a care package, which so far includes a poster-size print of the sparkling Jesus statue that we dragged to a cider making party and positioned him on the press, so it looked like he was urinating. (Again, no offense intended to Jesus, I know he has a sense of humor) and it was with the intent of making my friend smile that I placed it in her package. Also, included were the handmade Canadian Mountie paper dolls I made featuring my friend’s faces. They come with a detachable turkey and golden rod bouquet as my friend is also an advocate against invasive species. There were more goodies and detachable extras, but I’m afraid our humor may be too black to share. Again, please forgive us it’s just our way of whistling past the graveyard.

I am happy to report that my friend’s surgery went just fine!