Writing Prompt: What Makes You Laugh? The Tree is Up

photo 2 As a night owl, there is something about the warm glow of Christmas lights to keep me company through the night. The house grows cozier with the addition of the Christmas tree even if it is fake and pink. I consider the color of my tree a statement. For years I fought having a fake Christmas tree and then one day I stumbled upon the pink tree for sale and decided if I was to go fake I was really going to go fake -- no pretend pine for me. This one is magenta and full of ornaments that are special to me including a number of pug ornaments. I even have a pug Santa.

photo 1

I put the tree up the day after Thanksgiving because my niece Ellie was here and I wanted her to have the experience of the tree. She looked at it and just laughed. What a wonderful reaction -- pure glee! I felt like I had achieved the ultimate achievement -- my candy-pink pug tree had not only elicited a smile but giggles and wide eyes. What could be better?

photo 4

Writing Prompt: What makes you laugh? Write about it.

photo 5