SONY DSC This past weekend we took my niece Ellie to the pet store to look at the birds. I fell in love with an umbrella cockatoo. There were many other parrots there, even another sulfur crested cockatoo, but this one seemed to be watching and interacting with me. Cooing sweet nothings, so to speak. Tonight I returned to the pet store, found the bird and tonight he was talking up a storm. He mimicked my statements of "I love you" and "You are so smart" and then even imitated my conversation with my mother. I fell in love. There was something so peaceful about looking into  this bird's eyes. It felt like he knew my soul. The sign said his name is Malcolm. I hear Umbrella cockatoos can have a lot of behavioral issues. It's a good thing then I can't take him home. But it's kinda sad -- he looks like he may love me, too.