Waffles' Sweater

I brought Waffles' sweater to my friend Joan's yesterday, which was probably not a good idea. Everyone was so eager to see it complete that they urged me to finish it and I probably ended up making it too short as a result. I was also a little uncertain how to finish it off and made a few minor and thankfully unnoticeable mistakes. It does, however, fit her. I still want to add some embellishments and am going to work on those later tonight, but here she is for now.
Now, that I have one under my belt and some of the details of how to make these are coming back to me, I think I'll try another for Waffles before beginning Alfie's. The new one I may make in more fall colors.

Fortunately, although she seems to hate putting it on, Waffles really seems to like wearing the sweater. She ran around in it, playing with my niece and nephew in the back yard.