Two Potters


Today, I took my sister-in-law, Gretchin, to visit Two Potters ( gallery and kiln on Christian Hill in Bethel, Vt. The two potters are husband-and-wife Nathan Webb and Becca Van Fleet Webb. I first met the couple a few years ago when writing an article on their business for Upper Valley Life Magazine. At the time, they were recently married and had moved to Nathan's home in Bethel where they planned to build their own kiln, which they have since done.

I fell in love with two of them right away -- their work, their home, their story. I have been returning almost every open studio weekend since and often before many birthdays and holidays to purchase their work. I am getting quite a collection. Today, Gretchin walked away with a wall hanging and I bought the three pieces pictured above.

Nathan and Becca's home is not far from my property. Their view is expansive, their kiln a work of art itself. Their small, yellow studio welcomes guests. "Shop locally," a sign reads outside. Their dog, Lego, bounds across the yard. It is easy to fall in love with this place and the creative life these two are building.

As I am getting ready to leave I tell the two I am in search of a pumpkin and Nathan recommends going up past my land to a local farm. I feel like neighbors. I am happy to support these artists and their work, to take a piece of their creative life home with me to share and enjoy.