I left my pugs at home and took a day off from work today to travel to Ben & Jerry's in Waterbury to watch two of my best friends' sons and another friend of theirs eat a Vermonster in a little over 20 minutes. According to Wikipedia the Vermonster is a large ice cream sundae consisting of 20 scoops of icecream, four bananas, four ladles of hot fudge, three chocolate chip cookies, one chocolate fudge browning, 10 scoops of walnuts, two scoops each of four toppings of your choice and whipped cream. It contains 14,000 calories and 500 grams of fat. The boys were real troopers and no one vomited. As fun as it was to watch them, to me there was something about standing there with my two bestfriends from childhood watching their children do a silly stunt like we so often did. I reminded my friend Sheila of the time we skipped class to eat a gigantic bucket of onion rings at the local snack bar, Onion Flats. My other friend, Madelaine and I, used to pretend as kids to have these imaginary children and today I saw her two beautiful boys just having a blast.
I returned home tired, although all I had to do was watch, to find that my own "Vermonster" Waffles had managed to continue her great crate moving escapade and this time had repositioned it at least five feet away from its original location. I don't know how something so little can accomplish something so big -- today was obviously the day of great feats!