My Beautiful Nerd



Alfie and Waffles have known each other since Waffles was born. Although she is 6 lbs. lighter and significantly smaller, Waffles is only three weeks younger than Alfie. The two took to each other from the get-go, snuggling as puppies and soon becoming gleeful playmates whenever I visited my friend Joan.
When it came time to get a new pug, Waffles seemed the perfect choice not only for me and my household, but for Alfie. Her favorite playmate could become her "sister." The arrangement seems to be working out just like I hoped. The two seem to be adjusting to life together free of any real drama. Alfie seems to be showing Waffles the ropes and deferring to her on occassion. Waffles has claimed many toys for her own and as long as she stays away from Alfie's "Humpie Bunny" all is well.

The funny thing is watching Alfie's personality emerge in contrast to Waffles. In recent months before Waffles came to stay, Alfie had begun to mature, settling down and becoming my constant companion and shadow. I could see and feel a calm and gentle spirit. Waffles is different, she is small and sweet, quiet even (well, when she isn't crated) but she isn't calm. Something is going on in that little head and I'm not sure yet, what it is but there is mischief there and the bit of a rebel. Alfie, who can be disobedient at times, lacks that rebel gene, however. Today, this was clear.

Since birth Waffles has had an obsession with the garbage can in Joan's bathroom, knocking it over so often that Joan had taken it out all together. Waffles also loves knocking over other baskets and containers such as the laundry basket in the bathroom. Alfie, on the other hand, does not like objects out of place. She will bark and act scared of suitcases or backpacks placed on the floor where they should not be and looks completely puzzled at Waffles' trashcan antics.

Today, Waffles knocked over two laundry baskets in the bathroom so clothes spilled all over the floor. Alfie came around the corner and began barking frantically. I was suddenly reminded of those nerdy tattletales on the playground. You know the type -- "You better stop that," I could imagine Alfie saying. "We're going to get in trouble. That's not where it should be. We really should pick it up. Did you hear me, I think we should pick that up." When I came in she looked at me imploringly, "It's not my fault," she seemed to be saying. "Can we just pick this up and forget about it? Um, she did it!"
Waffles was oblivious to Alfie's pleas. This was fun! She continued to rummage through the clothes, sniffing each piece enthusiastically. "Come on Alfie," she might have been saying. "Loosen up, enjoy yourself!"

Aww, my rebel child and my nerdy girl. It looks like the days ahead are going to be interesting with the two of you. I worry about peer pressure and I wonder who will influence who. My hope? That you each wear off a little bit on the other. There is room for both fun and caution here.