Today Part 4: Exist Light Woman/Origin


I returned home later than I expected. I had hoped to have some time to rest before heading off to hear my friend, writer Jon Katz, read from his new book Dancing Dogs at the Northshire Bookstore in Manchester, Vt. But my day had exhausted me, my medicine making me dizzy. I put the kettle on the burner for some coconut cocoa tea. The pugs scampered around my ankles as I sat at the table. The windowsill's blush bouquet of flowers shed its dying bloom. Petals fell on the tabletop. I realized I wasn't up for another trip today. Time to rest, but first I took the vase of flowers outside, placing it on the stoop. The pugs sniffed at it and I couldn't resist a final photo op. I grabbed the pugs' nearby fairy wings, snapping away as they fleeted across the back steps in an enchanting game of tag. Light floated across the pastel fabric. The day circled back to where it began -- a woman existing in light; a woman existing lightly.