Writing Prompt: The Face of Memory


In addition to being a writer, photographer and avid pug lover, I also teach memoir writing. When I launch my new web site, I thought I might try adding a writing prompt at the end of some posts such as this one.

When I went outside today I saw this fallen petal from yesterday's photo op with the pugs. Unlike most of the others, which had blown away or shriveled up and died, this one sat withered, but still pink, glistening with yesterday's raindrops. It had a fragile beauty that fresher blossoms lack. If memory had a face, I think it might look like this: a velvet petal tinged with the blush of youth; slightly worn and crumpled, holding tears and promise, and the hint of many soft smiles. Tears run off smoother faces tainting their bloom, here, they caress the wrinkled surface, refreshing it like dew. The weary petal embraces its identity, like memory it reveals past lives, discarded hopes, reawakened dreams.

Writing prompt: What does memory look like to you?