Thinking of Vader

Fish mcbites Dogs have a way of cheering you, even when they are no longer there. Last week in the middle of a very bad day I pulled into the McDonald’s drive-thru for a cup of tea and saw this sign: New, $1 Fish McBites. I had to smile in spite of myself. When my pug, Vader, was alive McDonald’s fish fillets were his obsession. He seemed to sense when we were anywhere near a drive-thru and would start to make tiny whines until his feast materialized. He would have loved these bite-sized morsels and just thinking about his joy brought joy to my joyless day. I had to snap a photo and capture the moment. I bet there are a lot tastier pleasures than $1 Fish McBites in the after life, but I had a feeling Vader might give them up for a spell to share this treat with me. I felt my Little Man’s presence in the car and like any good dog he brought his Mistress some needed comfort.