Girls' Day

Mom in Pink Coat It was a long hard week and I had an assignment to complete today for my photography class.  I decided to head to a nearby town to take some pictures. My mother chose to tag along with me and make it a girls' day: lunch at Molly’s Balloon, a great local restaurant, followed by our scouting the town for photo ops, and finishing up with a viewing of Safe Haven, a totally over-the-top chick flick based on a book by Nicholas Sparks.

There’s nothing like taking your Mom along to work, school or on an assignment. We stopped at several stores along the way and at each one she’s announce in a very proud voice, “We’re on a photo shoot.”  Thanks, Mom.

I’m not sure I got the best shots in the world, but I sure had fun. Something happens when I’m with Mom; people seem to open up to us. We went in one store where the shopkeeper at first seemed quite formal. Before we left she was sharing with Mom about her mother’s dementia and Mom was wishing her well. I think it may be Mom’s smile or the way the two of us always seem to be laughing when we’re together or our friendly banter back and forth that makes people seem to want to talk to us.

Then again, maybe it was their chance to brush with celebrity – we were on a photo shoot, after all.