Puppy Dog Tales

Photo by Sue Damitz I received a Facebook message from my friend, Sue, the other day. She and her husband Charlie are "pug" friends, meaning I got to know them through a mutual connection to Joan. Ten years ago they came to Joan's looking for a pug puppy and I helped them pick out Connie Crump, a.k.a. Jerry. Since then the family connection has only grown as Jerry, along with the Damitz's other pug, Ben, sired Chunky Monkey (yes, they are named in honor of Ben & Jerry's icecream), who in turn sired Joan's pug Lumpi. Then, when the Damitz's wanted a little black female they came looking for Truffels, my own pug Waffles' sister and last year they took in one of Joan's black male puppies, Waltham's Little Trump, now renamed Goofy. Phew, that's one convoluted family tree and it's not finished yet, because Truffels and Goofy gave birth to these three sweet females a month ago. My friends are calling them Rosey, Lily and Ivy. Just like Waffles and her sisters Truffels and Griffles, there are two big fat girls in the litter and one tiny runt with silvery fawn trace hairs. That would be Rosey and she reminds me of Waffles in so many ways. My friends are hoping to find homes for all three girls, but I think all of us wish we could keep them all.