Pug sighting

20130519-005255.jpg Finally, when I had given up all hope I had a pug sighting at Blogpaws today. I was getting out of the elevator on my way to the vendor room when there he was. Not surprisingly, kneeling at his feet was another pug lover I had met. We have radar you know. This fella's name is Sloppy Joe and he was there to accompany a lawyer who was giving a speech on copyright and was using some photographs of Sloppy Joe as illustrations in his speech.

Sloppy Joe is eight years old, but acts much younger and has the blackest most velvety ears I have ever seen on a pug. Tonight, after a spectacular red carpet, I met a chug - half pug/ chihuahua - the tail is always a dead giveaway. her name was Roxy and while I got some pics of her they were taken with my camera and will have to wait until I get home.

Tomorrow my friend Clare will be picking me up and I will be spending a couple of days with her before returning to Vermont.