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20130518-002444.jpg Another busy day at Blogpaws. Today I attended talks on growing my Facebook followers, writing ebooks, and using Pinterest. I met a writer and dog trainer from Brattleboro, Vt at an afternoon book signing. Her name is Debbie Jacobs and her book is A Guide to Living with and Training a Fearful Dog. She filled me in a little on what might be behind Alfie and Waffles behavior.

At lunch I sat with an animal communicator and healer. She says as an empath, she feels the pain in her body in the same places that the dog or pet experiences theirs. Her site is Sitting with us was a lawyer and mediator whose niche is conflicts involving animals. Her name is Debra A. Vey Voda-Hamilton and she also is in the process of writing a book. It seems a lot of people are.

I had the opportunity to meet Amy Shojai whose pet thriller Lost and Found I reviewed this winter. The day wound down with some great talks by animal rescues. I am learning a lot and getting some great ideas for the blog, but there is so much going on it leaves your head spinning. I've taken lots of pics but can't quite figure out this whole mobile Wordpress thing or how to upload so many pics from my Sony NEX camera to my iPad, so I will have to share those when I return home. Another full day of activities tomorrow and then I am off on Sunday afternoon to spend some time with my friend from college, Clare.

I spoke to my Mom tonight who is taking car of my pugs while I am gone. It seems that when she pulled up in my car, which she is using while I am gone, the pugs thought it was me and wee sitting in their place by the window waiting when I didn't appear Mom says they went crazy spinning around and looking for me. Tonight I spoke to them on the phone and I guess Waffles got so excited she wagged her tail, something she seldom does.

Just4MyPet, a personalized pet products company provided Blogpaws attendees with free collectible trading cards of their pets. I swung by their booth today and there were mine of Alfie. Personally, I think she was the prettiest dog on the table!

There's so much more to write about but I need to be up early. Keep tuning back in for more on my Blogpaws adventure!