Not Beyond Here


It's been a long time coming but I finally finished my Mermaid collage. I'm calling it "Not Beyond Here." I was under the weather today, but being at home in bed gave me some time to do the sewing on the collage. So now it is complete.

As I said before, this one was a difficult one to pull off because of the black background and the light layers of the images, but I like how it turned out looking like water. The not beyond here signs were actually signs used after Irene to keep people from certain flooded areas. The mermaid tails were from a restaurant sign I passed one day. The moon in the corner was an actual reflection of the supermoon on my parent's pool cover. The pug belongs to my friend and the little girl is my niece Tori. but here, she has already taken on another identity for me. She is the mermaid. She looks older than my niece. Her eyes are different. She and the mer-pugs here are creatures of another world. One that simultaneously dares us to enter and warns us to stay away.