It's Nice to Have Friends

Photo By Amy Chan

I found myself in a bit of a predicament the other night. I needed a picture of myself teaching my class and I wasn't sure how to get one. Yes, I could have set up my tripod and camera on self-timer, but I wasn't sure I could ensure a good shot and didn't want to interrupt the class too much. I could have asked someone at the school to snap something, but there are not a lot of people on hand the evenings I teach and again there was no way to be certain they would get a good picture. I thought of asking my sister-in-law who is a great photographer that has helped me out before, but she lives two hours away from the school and has a young baby. I decided instead to ask two friends who I have taken photography classes with through Jim Block ( ) if they might be willing to stop by and snap something for me. Both friends, Renee Brown ( ) and Amy Chan ( ) are excellent photographers and I knew I would be happy to have either of them take the picture. Both got right back to me. Renee was busy taking a class, but Amy was able. She even arrived at class before I did.
Unfortunately, I felt ill that evening and was worried I wouldn't photograph well, but Amy pulled it off and sent me several pics to choose from including the one above. Amy is a mother and L&D, RN and specializes in birth photography among other things. I realize how fortunate I am to have these wonderful and talented friends who are willing to help out at a moments notice.
I am also happy that Amy's picture of me will be featured on my new web site, which draws closer to completion each day. I'm told I'll be able to see the first design layout for it next week. Again, I wouldn't have found these great web site designers if it wasn't for my friend Jon Katz (
We often say "it's who you know" as almost a derogatory thing, attributing success to connections and networking, but there's truth in the statement and nothing derogatory about it. Often success does come from who we know, the friends we make, the bonds we forge and the kindness of those willing to put their talents to work to help us. This has certainly been the case with me and I am lucky to have such friends.