Love Abounds


Returned home completely exhausted and utterly happy from a wonderful weekend at Bedlam Farm and the Anointing the Goddess show at the Pig Barn Gallery. This picture of Jon Katz, Maria Wulf and their dog, Frieda, shows the love that was shared throughout the day -- this couple's love for each other, the farm they will soon be leaving, art, creativity. This energy flowed through them, but also through all those who attended whether they came out of a love for Jon's stories, the animals, the artists or their work, you could feel the goodness in the air. It was palatable. I sold some of my photo collages and a number of pug greeting cards and returned home to experience the love of my forlorn pug, Alfie, who had to spend the weekend at home. Her love came in the form of big, wet, sloppy kisses and much tailwagging. The kisses continued for quite some time and I fell into bed, totally exhausted with pug slobber on my face.