A Day at Bedlam Farm

Unfortunately, no pics tonight. Too tired and my iPad camera connector is in the car, but I took a lot of photos of the Anointing the Goddess show and will be sharing them when I return home. It was a wonderful day. I sold some art, got to see a five-day-old lamb named Monday. Received so many wonderful comments and questions about my collages and got to see my niece and nephews interacting with the donkeys and Lenore and Red. Everyone's work looked great and Maria and Diane turned the hanging and presentation of it into a piece of art itself. Ended the day with a wonderful meal and a sheep herding demonstration by Jon and Red, followed by some nice conversation with Red curled up next to me on the couch. He is an amazing dog so intense when he works and a cuddle bug when he's not. Lenore worked hard all day as well being the consummate hostess. she would be in the middle of being doted upon, see a car drove up and dart to the door to greet the next guest. Tomorrow we do it all again. What a lucky girl I am!