Feeling Social

It's hard to pinpoint a favorite moment from the 10th Anniversary Green Mountain Pug Social. Because I was sick, I arrived late this year and didn't enter that many contests. So, no Pug Kissing or Fanciest Costume awards this year. Alfie and Waffles both ran in the Pug Races, which is always a highlight -- seeing those chubby bodies run with butts tucked and ears flying is a hilarious thing, an act of valor and redemption for those non-athletes among us. You don't have to be aerodynamic to win!
The costumes were amazing and imaginative. Here, is a sample of my favorites. One family dressed up the Star Wars clan complete with Jedi fighters, Princess Leia, and of course, a Yoda pug. Another fave? The group from Alice in Wonderland -- White Rabbit and Mad Hatter among them.
I donated two photographs to the silent auction and was happy to meet the family that took home my photo called "Blue Smile" of my pug Alfie.
My favorite part of the day, however, had to be the end of the event after the contests and races had died down and everyone sat quietly on the lawn waiting for the Silent Auction, Chinese Auction, Quilt Raffle and Poop Raffle winners to be announced. It reminded me of those Sunday School scenes from the Bible where people sat quietly on the hillside listening to Jesus. Although there was no Pug Messiah present, a general peacefulness descended on the tired crowd.
As the sun died and the air chilled, pugs snuggled in wagons, baby carriages, blankets and laps. Owners slunked down in the grass beside them. People seemed happy to just sit and share in each other's company. You could hear a shriek of glee here and there as people won their favorite treasures. Joan bid on a print of a Pug Gnome, one of the last items announced, and was the proud winner.
I scampered around taking photos of the resting crowd. And, of course, I do not exaggerate the only pugs not snoring or sitting pretty were ours. In our x-pen, Alfie stood on tip-toe panting wildly, scratching to get out. Waffles and Joan's Tar Baby let out long woeful banshee screams and hollers.
"You're pugs are ferocious," one neighbor announced to me as Tar Baby and Waffles screeched and growled at their pug, a big, black who barely moved the whole event.
"No, they're not," I defended. "They just sound that way."
I don't think she believed me. I eventually put all of ours back in their cars, windows down, and came back to sit on the grass and stare at another sleepy, black dressed in a Harley Davidson outfit, who was making himself at home first in his comfy chair and then by his owner's foot.
As tired as we all were, as ready as some of the pugs were to get home to dinner and their beds, I don't think any of us were happy when the last prize winner was read. It was the kind of day where everyone was feeling social, caught up in a shared moment of bliss.
And, in the car our pugs barked on....