Day of Rest


I have 85 email messages to read, hundreds of photos from GMPR's pug social to size and send off, blog posts to write and respond to, student papers to mail off and lessons to prepare, but today I decided to do something I rarely do especially when my to-do list is so long -- I stayed in bed. Waffles, Alfie, my Kleenex box and I curled up in bed with Gone Girl, a book my friend Maria passed on weeks ago. I dozed and read while Waffles snuggled beside me and Alfie dove under the covers. In spite of my stuffy head, I have to call it a good day. I did succumb to a sketch to commemorate the experience and to this blog post and am now updating my computer software and watching the Emmys, but I am heading back to bed soon where I will tuck in with the pugs to finish that book. Tomorrow I'll get to the email and work and posting those pug social pics. Tonight the pugs and I are catching up on some R & R.