A Day at Mass MoCA

Two visitors to Mass MoCA interact with a piece from the Jason Middlebrook exhibit. A few years ago I asked two friends to accompany me to view an exhibit of Leonard Nimoy's photography. He called it Secret Selves and it was on exhibit at a place called Mass MoCA in North Adams, Mass. We had no idea what Mass MoCA was like, but gamely set out on an adventure. It was well worth the trip. We enjoyed the Nimoy exhibit, but we fell in love with Mass MoCA—an old industrial complex turned into a modern museum of contemporary art. The exhibits are fresh, unique, energetic. The building? A treasure trove of geometry, light and shadow. Pieces interesting on their own, take on a whole new life when viewed in the context of this building.

Today, my friends and I returned. We've been trying to go once or twice a year ever since our first time, but it's been a year since we were last there. It was no less wonderful. It may have been more so. One of my friends was not a big fan of contemporary art when we first went. Today, she had a hard time choosing a favorite piece. My other friend aptly declared that something about the place made her feel simultaneously stimulated and tired, a happy tired. Something about it makes me feel that happy quiet like after a yoga class. It's not just the beautifully building, the intriguing art, it's sharing it all with my friends. We haven't spent much time together lately, but today it was as if we had never been apart.

Here's some images from the day:

Making my own art. Fire hydrant on a Mass MoCA wall.


A snapshot of a portion of one of Dike Blair's shipping crates.

A view of the galleries.

My shadow becomes one with the art inside Mark Dion's The Octagon Room exhibit.

A Mass MoCa window.


A view from the same window.

A view from another window.

Here a statue from the Izhar Patkin exhibit. You can see the way the art and the building dance!

Wall and Windows.

A child in one of the exhibits in the Kidspace.