Writing Prompt: Response

Just received an awesome response to one of my writing prompts (under the Writing Workshop tab on this web site). John Greenwood, a fellow member of The Hubbard Hall Writers' Project wrote a humorous, but also thought provoking piece about the importance of details. I'd love to encourage others to use these prompts as well, whether to share here or in your journal. Writing prompts can stimulate your thinking and get your creative juices going. Thank you for sharing John! You should all go check out John's wonderful posts at his blog site http://rainingiguanas.blogspot.com/. Details By John R. Greenwood

Details are important. One little slip-up and and you could fail-down. Throw your arms in the air and you won’t have anything to catch them with. Do you want to follow the pied piper or a pie eyed piper? Minute details that take 60 seconds or a microscope to read. Lassie might be barking, “Timmy’s in the well. He broke his arm!”, or “Timmy isn’t feeling well. He just threw up on the couch!” Pay attention, it’s not cheap. Listen close, with an open mind. Look closer, don’t believe everything you think you heard. Who knows whose nose is blowing? Or what direction? Is the first stripe on a zebra white or black? Does it matter? It all depends on which end you look at last. De front or De tail