Woes of Shooting RAW

My apologies to anyone who follows my blog posts, but here's a problem with being a photographer. Once you start shooting RAW your internal hard drive fills up quickly. My 500 GB hard drive on my Macbook Pro is full. Completley full, I can barely type this post as my computer is shouting out messages every full minutes "Your startup disk is full! Your startup disk is full!"

"Gotcha'," I wanna yell back. And, I do. I understand and yes, I have done all the right things. I have mutiple external hard drives sitting on my desk and multiple backups. I have tiny external hard drives that are supposedly mobile that I can bring with me everywhere and still I cannot keep more than the immediate pics I am working on on my computer, which seems highly unfair. In working on my collages I view my desktop as a palette and it only works well to have all these images on hand, but my computer does not want me to do that. I called Systems Plus, the local computer shop, today to see about putting in a 1 TB hard drive in my Macbook Pro, which I can do and I can also pay to have them move everything over, but they seemed incredulous that I could possibly have that many photos on my computer.

"But, I do!" I cried.

"You better let us check it out," they said.

The conclusion is inevitable so I have started the all day process of moving my current photos onto the external drive. I'll probably still add the terabyte hard drive down the line but I need to use my computer today. There is really no point or happy ending to this piece other than to share the woes of a photohound and how the path of addiction in any form leads to heartache.

P.S.-Will be posting pics of Sweet Pea's monkey crate when I am once again able to access them (off the external drive, of course!)