Wild Child

Blog WIld Child I am taking another photography class with my friend and teacher Jim Block. I have taken the class before, but learn something new each time. Our assignment this week is on working a scene and perspective (as in seeing things in a new way). Because I haven't been feeling well, I haven't really gotten out and about to take any photos, so I have concentrated on taking pictures of the pugs (my favorite subject, anyway) usually inside and at night. Because of the low light conditions and my laziness in not using a tripod, a lot of my pics have been relatively noisy and subject to motion blur, but I have also managed to capture a few I love. Above is Alfie, caught mid-yawn. It was actually  a quiet moment for her in between a game of chase with Waffles, but perhaps because it shows her teeth, to me there is a bit of the Wild Child captured here. She reminds me of a lion in the wilderness.