Pug lore says that female's are more high-strung than males and that black pug females are the biggest divas of all. I'm not sure if I would describe Waffles as high-strung or a diva, but she is different. She is my first black female. Vader, was my only other black pug and he was a male and a very laid-back, gentleman. Buffy, my first fawn female, was high-strung, Mira, my next fawn was a floppy, happy-go-lucky girl, and Alfie is outwardly confident, inwardly nervous. Waffles, well, Joan, her breeder says, "she is her own person." And, that about covers it.
Waffles has a bit of an independent streak, but not in a standoffish way. She actually stays pretty close to me, but you can see her mind working and there seems to be a lot going on in there. I'm just not sure what it is. Alfie, I can read better -- she thinks of food and attention. Waffles likes attention, but she seems to be in search of something that I can't discern.

There is something almost catlike about her. Again, she is not aloof, but she has the alien allure of a feline. She is her own person, but she is beginning to fit in. I think she is making herself at home.