More Views of My Office

View from my office I am enchanted by the view both inside and outside my office. The light changes throughout the day, casting golden sunlight through the trees. My grandmother sent me a lovely glass vase and I purchased some tulips to sit on the windowsill. My friend has promised me a plant.


I hung my diplomas above my desk and a small painting my friend Nancy made of her pug Sweet Pea a.k.a. Narnia. Nancy and I have been corresponding and she has been sharing stories with me of Sweet Pea's younger days. Sweat Pea now lives with my friend Joan and has lost the use of her legs, but her younger days were filled with love and stories and even the occasional glass of red wine. She used to steal sips from Nancy's goblet as Nancy read in her chair. Having the picture hanging in my office casts a sweet spirit throughout the place.


On the other wall I hung one of my photos of Vader and my former pug Mira, who I lost at only a year-and-a-half. I won an award for this photo a few years ago.

My tulips

On the opposite wall I hung one of my digital collages -- the one with my ballerina pugs, Buffy, Mira and Alfie, I call it "Come Dance with Me." Beneath the collage is the small cafe table I purchased when Borders was going out of business. I keep it to honor the makeshift office I had at Borders and subsequently Books-a-Million for so many years.

Border's Cafe Table and Ballerina Collage

On the wall opposite my window is my bookshelf above it I hung my Biography & Memoir sign, also from Borders, and a pic of me showing Alfie. On the bookshelf is a clock I found in the shape of a bicycle to remind me of my achievement in taking up biking this past summer and a family photo of my brother, his wife Gretchin and my niece Ellie.


The place is starting to feel like home. Ellie and Mark stopped by the other night to help me hang the photos. She declared my office "nice." It is.

My niece Ellie outside the building that houses my office