Video Treat

It's 1:30 a.m. and I'm sitting on the sofa in the livingroom with Alfie panting beside me. It's just plain too hot and I'm too tired to post much tonight, so I thought I'd share this video from the past with you. The fawn puppy is my Alfie, now 2, and one of the many blacks (the tiniest one) is Waffles, the puppy I am presently considering adopting.  She and Alfie were born a month apart and are from different breeders.

At the time, I considered adopting Waffles, too, though she wasn't my favorite in the litter, but decided that Alfie was enough for me to handle. My favorite in the litter was the big, black Truffles, but Waffles would have none of that. Every time I would try to pick up Truffles, Waffles would come sit in my lap and stare into my face. She also befriended Alfie, curling up with her every time they got together to play. It became more and more difficult to pass her by.

She has lived with my friend, Joan, for the past two years. I think Joan secretly kept her in hopes that I one day might claim her, although she maintains she reminds her of an old favorite of hers, Samantha Ah-Fa-Don (as in I Fall Down). Whatever the reason for keeping her, I'm glad she did. When Vader died, Waffles seemed the perfect candidate to now join our family. Alfie loves her, Joan wants me to have her. Problem is, as I have mentioned, she is a wee bit of a devil dog and while I have almost resigned myself to the fact that she will be joining my family in August, I am a little terrified at the prospect. Alfie has finally reached an age where she is settling down somewhat, but from what I hear about Waffles there is no off switch. The general consensus from those who comment on this blog is that there is indeed a force in nature at work to convince me to adopt this pug and I cannot ignore it. All fine and good I think, and in the bright light of day I agree, but it is plain hot right now and I am too tired and I have a feeling it's going to be a lot harder to sit on the couch and relax once the Devil Dog makes an appearance.