Writing Prompt: Today

cat in window  


If the world ends today this is what I hope…

You will be busy with your Christmas shopping, card writing, cookie baking

You will be nodding to someone in the street as you go to mail a package

You will be smiling at your neighbor in line at the local country store

You will be heading off to pick a loved one up at the airport, your daughter at daycare, your husband at work

You will be setting down your knitting, chatting over tea, eating a sandwich, grading that last final.


If the world ends today I hope you are out walking your dog, singing a carol,

Taking in the sunshine, sloshing through the snow, shaking your head at the latest headline,

waiting for the school bus, eating a chocolate chip cookie, crossing something off your list.


If the world ends today I hope you are at the hairdresser, the office, or putting on a pair of socks.

In other words, I hope the moment goes unnoticed, just another tick of the clock.


I hope if the world ends today you will be too busy living to notice.


Writing Prompt: What do you want to be doing at world's end?