These are not our Christmas cards...

Fawn and Black Pugs in Red Bucket Outside Black and Fawn Pugs in Bucket in front of Stove

These Are Not Our Christmas Cards…

‘Tis the season to be jolly, but anyone whose ever tried to get two very active pugs to sit still for a Christmas card may realize just how difficult that is. I thought I had things pretty under control – I had purchased some great Christmas props – a shiny red bucket with jingle bells, pretty red Christmas dresses. I didn’t anticipate, however, how difficult it would be to fit two pugs in said bucket or how frightened Alfie would be of it.

Little Waffles is becoming a consummate poser. If I take her outside for pictures, she will eventually sit and pose pretty while Alfie stands guard, literally! She goes to the fence and stands there, body alert, looking out, barking at anything that goes by. Usually she is doing this in whatever silly hat or dress I put her in, which might be comical if it wasn’t so frustrating. “Just one picture, Alfie?” I beg.

She has yet to acquiesce. Instead, we usually play a game of chase – me chasing Alfie, that is, something equivalent to trying to catch a slicked pig. Alfie has no waist, no handles, no place to grab on and she manages always to stay just out of reach. Eventually, I am able to catch her; this time placing her in the bucket where she manages to stay because she is so scared. Now, I place Waffles in the bucket, who in turn becomes frightened when she realizes how little space there is and grows concerned that Alfie might show her own displeasure by biting her. Still, the two manage to sit still long enough for a couple of cute shots.

Still, this is not our Christmas card.

We go inside and we try the process again, this time in front of the stove. This time the two manage to sit side by side in the bucket as opposed to on top if each other, but little Waffles looked like she’d like to jump ship. The two grow warm in their heavy dresses in front of the stove and by the time we finish both are eager for their water bowl. This time my nephew holds out dog treats to get their attention. It takes all their willpower not to jump ship, but we capture the eager expression in their eyes.

Still, this is not our Christmas card.

I take off the pugs’ dresses and put on their candy pink sweaters with green trim. I place the two in front of my magenta Christmas tree and try to snap away, but once again need to bring in reinforcements. Waffles sits in a wicker basket but Alfie refuses to get close to her. Both look up at the promised treat. Waffles bends her head so far back only her bulging eyes become visible. The look is not traditional, but in true pug fashion it is comical.

This is our Christmas card. Only I can’t share it with you yet. You, like everyone else, will have to be patient and wait. It is the season of Christmas secrets and surprises.