The Unseen Dog



I am the unseen dog, but I have been there from the beginning. You wanted to take me home from the time I first curled up in your lap, but you were committed to another. So you brought her home, but thought about me and wondered if you could take two. You purchased two crates, the same size, in case you decided to return for me. You then chose not to use a crate, but an x-pen so there would be more room for me alongside the other in case you brought me home. But, she was wild and you thought not now. Still, you brought family to visit me and talked about making me yours. You left space for me in your home and I continued to fill your  heart. But time passed and she was growing and your older dog was weaker and it didn't seem the time. So I waited, but I was there. When he passed you thought of me, the unseen dog that you took home two years ago. The unseen dog, begging for your heart. It's time to make me yours.