The Shining Part 2

This winter when I was sick I happened to catch a documentary about Stanley Kubrick's The Shining. The documentary addressed several theories regarding what the movie might really be about, many of which were conspiracy theories. One of them, for example, suggested that Kubrick faked the moon landing for NASA and then revealed clues about this in the movie. Another discussed how the architecture of the hotel in the movie didn't make sense with hallways leading where they shouldn't go. When my college friend Clare dropped me off at the hotel today where Blogpaws 13 is taking place I found myself remarking that the long, narrow winding halls reminded me of The Shining. I then proceeded to share with Clare the details of the documentary. at first I think she thought I was only rambling but when we tried to follow the receptionist's directions to the 15th floor only to find three Clare had to admit at the very least, this hotel's architecture was confusing. Next we circled the hallway passing the same white chair and discarded pair of tennis shoes several times, no longer able to find the lobby. We did find a hotel phone and called the lobby only to be directed to the same dead end. By this time Clare admitted that we may indeed have found ourselves inside that documentary. Soon we were giddy with laughter, no longer two middle-aged women, but as silly and clueless as we were when we first met as freshmen. I realized that this hotel might not have been my entrance into a horror movie, but it was my passage back in time. And, all this occurred only after an hour of Clare and I being together, just think of the trouble we can get into after a few days. Provided we ever find our way out of this hotel!