Spreading Sunshine

McD's “Oh Amy Look! Look at that one! She’s so cute!” An older woman around my friend Joan’s age squealed at her McDonald’s coworker. “Look Amy! A black pug!”

“There’s another in my back seat,” I offered.

“Oh Amy, Look! There’s another one!” She squealed again as if she had discovered Alfie for herself instead of me telling her.  “Look, Amy, it’s a fawn.”

“Ohhhh, look! They’re so cute! Mary!”

“Oh, that one is so cute!” The older woman says pointing at Waffles!

“They are so cute!” The two women exclaimed.

This was my encounter when I took the pugs through the McDonald’s drive thru the other day. An hour later we were walking in downtown Randolph when a woman in an old car, shaking from the volume of the music on the radio, rolled down her window and squealed at us. “They’re so cute!”

I had to smile. Dogs have a way of bringing people closer, encouraging conversation among strangers. Pugs have a way of spreading unadulterated joy!