Soul of my Dog

Blog Waffi It was a tough day. I spent most of it worrying over my ear and troubleshooting computer problems. The pugs, however, didn't care about my woes. Waffles, who is usually fairly independent, has been making some friendly overtures lately, and every once and awhile when I'm working at the kitchen table, she comes over, stands on her hind legs and gently scratches at my back to get my attention. Today, when she did it I stopped my work and went out and sat with her on the back stoop for a moment.

I snapped several pictures and even though this one is slightly blurry and a little overexposed, it speaks to my heart. I think it captures the soul of my dog. I have joked before that she reminds me of Golem and there is a little of that here. There is also something that seems almost human. She is naked and vulnerable here. I spy a grace and a glimpse into who she really is. I think I can see her soul.