Snow Day

Me and My Girls Snow, snow, snow! It began falling in the wee hours and continued throughout the day. It blanketed everything, creating a cozy comforter of a day. It was the kind of day where people stay home from work and nest with a cup of cocoa and a good book.

I stayed home, but my day held busy work: emails to send and answer, a guest blog post to write, to-do lists to check off. I’m taking a class on self-publishing, and another online class on Blogging from the Heart. I am teaching a poetry class and working on deadlines for four articles. Sometimes I am so busy working I don’t have time to get anything done. So, I love this kind of day, when the world comes to a standstill long enough for me to catch up. I made corrections to my short story for my self-publishing class, did my blogging assignment, sent emails out to real estate agents for my real estate closings’ article, printed out directions to tomorrow’s interview, scheduled another interview for next week and yes, crossed off a number of to-dos.

As daylight started to wane, I took my SLR and tripod outside to snap a picture of the girls and I in the snow, hoping to use it for my guest blog, but decided instead to post it here. We’re kinda cute aren’t we?

Then the girls and I came inside for their favorite part of the day. Sofa time when pug snores grows as deep as the snow and blanket my world with peace.